Who Am I Really?

Personal Development

Achieve Your Potential

  • Find Direction For Career Change
  • Life Purpose & Fulfilment
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Healthy Relationships

  • Understand Your Partner & Family
  • Relationship Compatibility
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Manage and Reduce Stress

  • Understand Your Stress Responses
  • Avoid Stress Triggers
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Course Outline

Personal development workshop London

Each four hour workshop consists of up to six people working in a safe, confidential group.

You will be guided by Richard though a self discovery process, learning and applying psychological concepts through explanation, reflection and activities.

There is a chance to share your experiences with the group, if you want to, and to learn from their experiences too.

Course Outline

Workshop Options
1 - Core Workshop Workshop 1 is a prerequisite for the rest of the course.
It includes an online assessment in advance
Once you have done workshop 1, we highly recommend workshops 2-4 for a sound grounding in the model

Then you can choose from workshops 5-7 or do them all

For the very best results, book the full course and get a discount too
2 - Using Your Persona Workshops 1-4 explore eight central parts of your personality and how they affect your natural strengths and everyday stress experiences
3 - Dealing With Stress
4 - Dealing With Stress Pt. 2
5 - Understanding Relationships Workshops 5-7 apply the eight part model to further areas of life
6 - Careers & Life Purpose
7 - Life Transitions

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure that you will benefit from this course that I offer a Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you are unhappy with the value of the material in your first workshop, or it transpires that the course is unsuitable for you at this time, then you can claim a full refund. No quibbling.

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Who Am I Really | Richard Owen

"Welcome! I'm Richard Owen, coach and founder of Who Am I Really. Exploring psychology has been positively life changing for me. I'd love to help you get the most from life too".


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