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Are you searching for relationship advice?

Are looking for love, trying to understand an existing partner / family member, or wanting to create healthy relationships? Perhaps you are trying to work out what to look for in a compatible partner?

When a relationship is important to us, it can be painful when we feel a lack of harmony. From daily misunderstandings and disagreements, to outright conflict, relationship problems can lead to tension and stress.

Healthy relationships are important for a happy life: we all share a desire for connection with others. But the challenge is overcoming our differences.

This is why taking time to explore your personality in depth is a great investment. By knowing the perspectives of different personality types, you can begin to really appreciate and understand others, not just tolerate them.

Who Am I Really is a personal development course in London, UK. It can help you to explore your individual psychology, and that of others.

Discover your own relationship advice by understanding the natural differences between people. The course promotes acceptance and personal growth for strong healthy relationships.

Take the first steps towards the secure, loving relationships you really want: learn more about the course right now.

For the best results with relationships:
Try the full Who Am I Really course, or at least workshops 1-4 followed by 5.

1:1 coaching is also available for a closer focus on your specific personal relationships.

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"Welcome! I'm Richard Owen, coach and founder of Who Am I Really. Exploring psychology has been positively life changing for me. I'd love to help you get the most from life too".


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