Who Am I Really?

Personal Development

Find Your Potential

  • Career Change & Direction
  • Life Purpose & Fulfilment
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Healthy Relationships

  • Understand Your Partner & Family
  • Relationship Compatibility
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Manage and Reduce Stress

  • Understand Your Stress Responses
  • Avoid Stress Triggers
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Who Am I Really? Personal Development London

A course of unique half-day workshops in London with a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere.

This compelling journey will celebrate your strengths and address the challenges that hold you back.

Learn about the psychology of yourself and others. Get real results through practical solutions.

Live Your Potential, Be Your Best

Even if things are going OK, why not step back from the daily rush, towards the life you really want?

Change begins inside with self-awareness: join us for a life-changing exploration into who you are.

Who Am I Really is about being confident as your natural self and making the most of life

Why People Love This Course:

"I learned more about myself in these 4 hours than I have in a lifetime of searching. I thoroughly recommend it!"

Lauren, 30s

"It's a eye opener to the world of human behaviour and action."

Jane, 32

"Brilliant course to help understand your values and how you think, feel and work. Because of this I understand what I need in a good relationship. I can see where things have worked and not worked."

Caroline, 27

"I learned all about where myself and others are coming from. I now feel able to "return" to my core values and pay less attention to those that I was brought-up to follow, this is hugely encouraging and inspiring."

Mike, 42

"The workshop was challenging, enjoyable, instructive, enlightening, and reasonably priced! I gained a new set of self-help tools to help in challenging life situations."

Tina, 42

"I just wanted to say thank you, for how you and your workshops have helped me work through all the questions, doubts and insecurities I've had at points over the last few years. I've spent the last year at work going through another of these periods with a change of career. I don't think I would have had the courage to do this if I didn't know myself so well, and your workshops have been a big part of that... Thank you!"

Janet, 35
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Who Am I Really
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  • Personal Development
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Who Am I Really | Richard Owen

"Welcome! I'm Richard Owen, coach and founder of Who Am I Really. Exploring psychology has been positively life changing for me. I'd love to help you get the most from life too".


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