Key Facts About The Course

The course is based around Psychological Type (aka Personality Type), a theory that was originally created by C.G. Jung, one of the founding fathers of modern psychology.

You may have heard of Myers-Briggs and the MBTI®. The MBTI® questionnaire is based on Psychological Type and is the most widely used personality inventory in the world. Over 2 million people take it each year, often in large companies as a tool for developing management, leadership, teamwork and careers.

A popular feature of the Type model of personality is its non-judgemental perspective. No type is better or worse than another, but each has their particular strengths and challenges. Type is also a model grounded in development, so it does NOT atttempt to categorise an entire person by a narrowly defined box, but appreciates the influence of Type as an important factor in each totally unique individual.

Over the past 30 years or so, many developments have been made in Psychological Type, including the work of American Jungian Analyst Dr John Beebe, with his pioneering reintegration of Type with Jung's depth psychology. This resulted in his eight-function, eight-archetype model, also renamed Depth Typology by author Mark Hunziker in 2016.

Richard Owen has extensively studied the work of Beebe and others, becoming a leading authority on the theory in the UK. Now under supervision from Dr Beebe, Richard is creating a new reworking of Type and Depth Typology, known as Personality Parts™.

Personality Parts™ takes the study of Psychological Type to a very deep level and addresses many of the criticisms levelled at Myers-Briggs and the MBTI®, aiming to integrate more closely with modern Psychological concepts.

This exciting emerging model is the driving force behind the Who Am I Really course, giving a unique new perspective to personality and the human mind.


Who Am I Really is NOT a form of therapy. It cannot be considered a substitute for the services of the regulated medical and mental health care system.

It you are currently suffering from emotional trauma or mental health issues that you think could be potentially diagnosed as clinical problems then please contact your GP or registered health provider.

Of course the majority of people experience everyday psychological challenges and this course may help with how you understand and approach these. However if you are in any doubt as to the nature of your situation, then do see your GP.

If you are currently in a programme of therapy or treatment then this programme may be complementary and helpful alongside it. However you are recommended to ask your therapist for advice on this matter.

About Richard

Who Am I Really | Richard Owen

Richard Owen MSc has been studying Personality Type and Jungian Psychology for over 10 years. He is a certified MBTI® Step I and Step II practitioner and a board member of the British Association for Psychological Type.

He is actively involved as a leading figure developing this exciting area of psychology, presenting at international conferences on the subject.

Richard delivers each of the Who Am I Really workshops in person. He has a true passion for helping others improve their lives, which drives all of his work.

BPS Registered Test User

British Association for Psychological Type Myers-Briggs MBTI Certified Practitioner