7 - Life Transitions | Your Development Journey

How does personality change?

Jungian psychology gives us the powerful concept of 'individuation', the process by which we develop uniquely and realise our greatest potential. This workshop helps you apply theories of individuation and development to your own life, in a practical way.

There will be opportunities to reflect and make sense of the twists and turns in your life journey so far. You will also gain a better understanding of the life stages you might face in the future.

We use the eight personality parts covered in earlier workshop, along with their archetypal characters, to understand your personal development path. This grand finale of the Who Am I Really course gives you a profound overview of your development as a person.

Workshop capacity: 6 persons. Ensures individual attention and personal feedback.

Workshop length: 4 hours inc. breaks.

Booking deadline: 1 day before.

Important: You must have already done workshop 1 or an indvidual type assessment with Richard before booking this workshop. Workshops 2-4 are also recommended as a foundation.

Why people love this workshop:

"A fascinating and insightful way of finding out about your personality. Even if you have an idea who you are, this will further increase that understanding and thus give you more personal depth and understanding which can only lead to better self esteem, confidence and personal success"

Isobel, 40s

"The workshop helped me to consider potential positive directions for my life forward from this point on, while complimented by the insight and knowledge of where I have been so far on my journey through life"

Robert, 59

"I really enjoyed the workshop and would be very happy to recommend it to anyone who wishes to further develop themselves. It was a great opportunity and very enlightening, I just wish I had known this knowledge years ago. All very useful for personal development."

Jackie, 58
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Who Am I Really? | The Journey Through Life

How could this workshop help me?

  • Self understanding - how your history has shaped who you are
  • Personal development - by realising your potential for personal growth

What will I learn?

  • Understand how you develop and change within your personality type
  • Discover what stage of life you are at now, and what to expect next