6 - Why am I Here? | Careers and Your Life Purpose

Why am I here?

Most of us recognise the need for a purpose in life. The French call it a raison d'etre: a reason to be.

There are many reasons to pursue a particular career. Your life history, family, friends or education may send you down a certain path.

Maybe you have a niggling feeling that you could be doing something more fulfilling? Perhaps you are ready for a career change or a new direction? Or maybe you are no longer working and are looking for where to direct your time and energy?

We will look at how personality type affects your interests and natural strengths, plus how your development and stage of life affect career choice. This is a chance to reflect on life so far, and where you might go from here.

Workshop capacity: 6 persons. Ensures individual attention and personal feedback.

Workshop length: 4 hours inc. breaks.

Booking deadline: 1 day before.

Important: You must have already done workshop 1 or an indvidual type assessment with Richard before booking this workshop. Workshops 2-4 are also recommended as a foundation.

Why people love this workshop:

"The career workshop gave me further insight, further understanding and further food for thought around potential employment and career options".

Robert, 59

"I now feel able to "return" to my core values and pay less attention to those that I was brought-up to follow, this is hugely encouraging and inspiring."

Mike, 42

"The workshop is a very useful, informative and inspiring first step into discovering what career path is the best fit for your personality. Suitable for all ages, wither you are looking to change careers or looking for clues as to what to study at university".

John, 30
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How could this workshop help me?

  • Clearer direction - from connecting with your interests and values
  • Stronger purpose - as you find inspiring possibilities for your life
  • More confidence - from understanding and trusting your ambitions and career choices

What will I learn?

  • How personality type influences job and career choices
  • Understand how you develop and change within your type through life stages