5 - What is Love? | Understanding Relationships

What's love got to do with it?

They say all you need is love! But how do you find it, nurture it and keep it? This fifth workshop in the course applies the concepts of personality type to understanding relationships.

The knowledge is also highly relevant to many other personal relationships, such as family, friends and colleagues.

We look at what makes a successful relationship and why we can have painful clashes and arguments with some people just by being ourselves.

If you are in a relationship this will help you to understand your partner and yourself. If you are single it will help you to realise the kind of person that you would like to meet and maybe where to find them. The workshop will help you to make sense of previous relationships, learn valuable lessons and move on to live life to the full.

Workshop capacity: 6 persons. Ensures individual attention and personal feedback.

Workshop length: 4 hours inc. breaks.

Booking deadline: 1 day before.

Important: You must have already done workshop 1 or an indvidual type assessment with Richard before booking this workshop. Workshops 2-4 are also recommended as a foundation.

Why people love this workshop:

"Brilliant course! Because of this I understand what I look for in myself and what I need in a good relationship. I can see where things have worked and not worked."

Claire, 27

"By recognising the type of others, this workshop can be invaluable in understanding why others react and interact in the way they do, I see others with more understanding and less frustration now - really insightful and valuable."

Andy, 46

"The relationship workshop gave me a good insight, understanding and in some areas reassurance about how my personality type fits in with that of my partner. The insights into strengths as well as signposts to potential problem areas of personality type pairings was reassuring."

Robert, 59
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How could this workshop help me?

  • Improved relationships - from understanding the dynamics between people
  • Greater harmony - as you accept how people are naturally different

What will I learn?

  • How different personality types interact
  • What factors affect the ups and downs in relationships
  • Why certain types of people are attracted to each other