4 - Me and My Shadow | Dealing With Stress Part 2

What is the Shadow?

We all have a dark side that can sometimes take control, potentially with disasterous results. Our shadow can seem to overwhelm and undermine the positive things we try to achieve in life. When left unchecked it can be a major source of stress and frustration.

This fourth workshop in the programme takes a 'light-hearted' look at the deepest and most unconscious areas of personality type.

Within the darkness of the shadow is also the great promise of owning and developing these parts of your personality. This brings a huge potential for personal development and living a happy, successful life.

The workshop introduces four psychological functions of your shadow and the archetypes associated with them, which help you to recognise these parts in your everyday life. This is a truly profound workshop for increasing self-awareness.

Workshop capacity: 6 persons. Ensures individual attention and personal feedback.

Workshop length: 4 hours inc. breaks.

Booking deadline: 1 day before.

Important: You must have already done workshop 1 or an indvidual type assessment with Richard before booking this workshop.

Why people love this workshop:

"This fascinating workshop has helped me to be more tolerant with my self, my colleagues and my extended family, which is very important to me. The self knowledge and wisdom gained from this is a great tool both in my own self development and in my chosen career going forward."

Mary, 49

"Living outside my natural Personality Type is tiring! Learning to accept my natural personality type is liberating and energy releasing."

Anita, 50s

"These workshops have added another dimension to how I understand myself and others. A lot of my behaviours and actions seem to make sense as I can now see where they are coming from. These workshops give a structured understanding of self and help with self confidence and relating to others."

Isobel, 40s
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How could this workshop help me?

  • Feeling more balanced - from starting to notice the good and bad in your shadow side
  • Increased awareness - by noticing previously unconscious behaviours
  • Personal development - as you begin the long process of 'befriending' the shadow

What will I learn?

  • Begin to understand the nature of your shadow personality
  • Learn about the shadow functions and archetypes