2 - Facing The World | Using Your Persona

What is my persona?

Much like the actors of ancient Rome, we all have various 'masks' for different situations and roles, whether we are aware of it or not.

Workshop 1 introduced your key strength, respesented by the inner hero / heroine. This second workshop guides you even deeper into your personality, exploring two other major parts of yourself, that often combine with the hero to form the persona. This is the side of personality that you show to the world most of the time.

The archetypes of the good parent and the eternal child will be introduced, helping explain the nature of these parts of your personality. This enthralling workshop starts to make sense of your everyday experiences and interactions, revealing the different parts of the personality in action.

Workshop capacity: 6 persons. Ensures individual attention and personal feedback.

Workshop length: 4 hours inc. breaks.

Booking deadline: 1 day before.

Important: You must have already done workshop 1 or an indvidual type assessment with Richard before booking this workshop.

Why people love this workshop:

"The Persona workshop was interesting and informative. It brought me further insights into previously unknown areas of my own and other’s personality types"

Robert, 59

"The workshop was challenging, enjoyable, instructive, enlightening, and reasonably priced! I gained a new set of self-help tools to help in challenging life situations."

Tanya, 42

"This fun and interesting workshop has helped me understand why I act and think the way I do. It was facilitated in a supportive and intimate environment which encouraged all to share and discover. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in understanding themselves more keenly."

Andrew, 46
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How could this workshop help me?

  • Better life choices - by recognising your strengths
  • Self understanding - through appreciating where your challenges lie

What will I learn?

  • Start to explore deeper levels of your personality type
  • Learn about the archetypes of the good parent and the eternal child
  • Gain an even stronger understanding of your gifts and strengths